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Manuka Honey

100% pure Manuka Honey from New Zealand. We produce a wide range of honey products for domestic and international market. Manuka Honey is best known for wound healing, treating infection, enhancing general health and energy.

Packing Size

: 250g



Condensed milk

Special formulated condensed milk that make every beverage have the rich and smooth taste. It is also suitable for preparing any kind of dessert and food.

Packing Size

20ft Container

: 48x320g

: 1,200 cartons


999 cartons


Make from 100% natural spices with our secret traditional recipe. We promise our customer for  the most original taste with a simple and easy cooking method by using our spices product range.

  • Satay marinade powder
  • Satay sauce powder
  • Chili powder
  • Fried chicken with turmeric powder
  • Seafood curry powder
  • Meat curry powder
  • Oxtail soup powder

Packing Size

: 20x1Kg



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